CCTV Monitoring Services

Blackwater Agency is the premier source for custom CCTV Monitoring Systems. The benefits of CCTV security cameras have been well accepted for a long time. Over the years, CCTV systems have become increasingly become more intelligent.

At Blackwater, we specialize in developing and installing intelligent video recorder security solutions for almost all industries. Our state-of-the-art CCTV security monitoring systems provide security personnel with clear images and video analytics information. Our intelligent CCTV security solutions deliver motion detection, license plate recognition, abandoned object and intruder detection, people counting, queuing and retail service management, perimeter security, traffic monitoring, and long range night vision cameras, enabling the security people to promptly implement appropriate actions. With our innovations and use of the latest technology available, we can design a multifaceted system to meet all your business needs whether it’s one camera or a thousand cameras. Blackwater Protection & Detective Agency has vast knowledge and experience in integrating digital technology; a modern CCTV system involves an integrated system comprising of static cameras with pan, tilt, and zoom cameras to enable operators to monitor remotely from a control room. The system involves sophisticated technology. Features often can include: Triplex DVR ‘s with removable hard disk drives, Night Vision using the latest InfraRed (IR) technology available, Networked based CCTV to enable you to view the cameras from the comfort of your office or from your laptop anywhere in the world, PIR detectors are linked to the cameras which send live video images to a monitoring station to allow real time video of the alarm activation, PA System linked to the system to enable instant communication within your site. We install systems that are essential to adapt to social changes. Within each design, we do a risk assessment, therefore allowing the system to be flexible in the future and has the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

We look forward to discussing the latest CCTV technologies and products with you. Your security needs are our top priority