Stalkers: An Actual Threat

It is clear that there are many ways of threatening that come from psychological abuse to physical harm. All of these are forms of inflicting injuries on victims who just had the bad luck to be in the wrong place and moment. Stalking comes off as harassment and excessive attention from individuals towards a person.

Stalkers develop an obsession with their prey: they monitor, chase and know their whereabouts at all times. It starts off on the internet: Emails, messaging and even spam towards the target. In most of the cases, the stalk becomes dangerous as the harassment becomes more invasive, ending in real violence.

If you feel that someone is harrassing you in real life or virtually, do not keep it to yourself, don’t let the situation go further and contact the authorities immediately. This is a criminal offense and should be dealt as it is. You must also be careful, as in some cases stalking can be disguised as legal actions like phone calls or gifts. These things can be used for the stalker to induce fear and create a situation of discomfort in the victim. In the worst of cases, a stalker might even break into your house while you’re not there and leave traces, so you know they did.

The stalker might even be a person who used to be close to you or a friend. But don’t let this discourage you from reporting an act of abuse or harassment. A crime is a crime no matter where it comes from, and if it’s let alone, it might turn into something worse. Stalker behaviors are something that only aggravates with time, so they must be stopped at the very first sign of risk. Blackwater Protection have specialized professionals that are in charge of investigating possible aggressors and are prepared to protect you if things get dangerous. Contact them and stay safe!


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