Preventing Sexual Assaults

Last April was the Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). This year’s campaign theme, “Engaging New Voices,” was built around the idea that everyone in the community must stand against sexual assaults, so it may entirely end. The campaign hoped to engage with new businesses and communities so they could help and promote the prevention against these assaults.


According to US Department of Justice, a sexual assault covers a broad range of behaviors that are completely against the victim’s’ will, or against someone who cannot consent for any reason (age, disability, under the influence of substances, like alcohol or drugs). This kind of assaults may involve the use of physical force, weapons, coercion, intimidation or pressure. It may also involve:


  • Intentional touching of private areas (sexual organs, anus, groin, or breasts)
  • Voyeurism
  • Undesired exposure to pornography or exhibitionism
  • Public display of a victim’s images, which were taken without his/her consent


Thousands of people are victims of sexual assaults every year, and most do not know how to handle this kind of situations. Blackwater Protection knows how dangerous can be sexual assaults for the victims, and the importance of having a proper preparation against it.


One way to prevent sexual assaults is that, if you, or someone near you, are sexually assaulted, the first thing to do is to get into a safe place (a friend’s house or yours). In case you are a bystander, try to distract or call off the abuser, so the person assaulted can get into a safe place.


You can call the police or medical centers to get help from specialists in the matter. Prevention and support centers are also available for the victims, so they get free counseling from experts.


Blackwater Protection knows how hurtful a sexual assault can be to the victim and the community, so they offer free advice, protection techniques, and contact information of help centers, to end this threat. Please, check the following contact details below to get personalized support.



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