Parking Car Theft: A Prevention Guide

For those who are extra-careful when being outdoors, the knowledge of safety measures is part of their daily routine. After leaving the office, they try to avoid unnecessary exposure, which ensures their safety. Unfortunately, some people don’t pay attention to any necessary security measure, maybe because they haven’t seen themselves involved in a robbery or crime yet.

Prevention must come first before risks present themselves,

Thieves often look for alone, dark places to commit their crimes. They stay in tactical places and wait for unsuspecting victims to pass by, then there’s no escaping for the thief. This method of robbery extends to different locations like deserted streets, parks with poor lightings and parking lots. I’ll be focusing in this last one, as it is the most common hotspot for thieves.

Parking lots are the least safe place for civilians. One moment you’re reaching your car, and in an instant, the aggressor reaches you and your vehicle. This unexpected attack is the usual modus operandi thieves use, and in most of the cases, they end up getting away with their intentions.

How can I avoid being assaulted? There are many ways of answering this question, but essentially, you must avoid reaching your car directly. Check your surroundings and avoid following a straight path into your vehicle, do one or two rounds and when you’re sure it’s safe, head for your vehicle.

Be on the lookout for possible aggressors following your trail, in case you feel you’re being followed, reach a building filled with people and create a diversion for the thief while contacting the authorities. Do not limit your actions in avoiding the threat, fight against it.

One last piece of advice: if possible, avoid being alone if you’re leaving somewhere in later hours of the night. Thieves feel discouraged to act when the victim is being accompanied.

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