Gun Ownership: A Brief Introduction

Since the creation and ratification of the Bill Of Rights in 1791, American citizens have always had the right to keep and bear arms, with the protection of the Second Amendment. This means that every citizen in the United States has the right to own a gun.


However, this right does not come for free. There are laws and regulations to ensure this right is properly managed. Since 1837, gun control in USA has evolved to protect and regulate the sale, manufacture and ownership of firearms, its complements and ammunition. Another factor that must be kept in mind is that gun laws and controls may vary in every state.


In the case of Florida, the law does not require a permit for the ownership or registration of most firearms (shotguns, rifles), but it does require the gun owner to be above 18 years old (or to have the parents or guardians’ permissions). This also applies to BB guns or air guns. The minor can only use firearms during recreational activities, like sports or hunting, and if it is in a safe environment, with the right supervision of a guardian, parent, or certified instructor.


Asides from the stated above, a licensed guns dealer must receive a form from the prospective buyer if this one wants to buy a firearm. The Department of Law Enforcement must receive this form and check for the individual’s background. Some people are not obliged to fulfill this requirement, like police officers, military personnel, law enforcers, other gun dealers, and anyone who already has a permit to carry concealed weapons. The waiting period from the delivery to the form to the actual transaction for firearms lasts around three days.


In the case of concealed handguns, a permit is needed for the gun owner. For this, the individual must be at least 21 years old, be a legal US citizen, not be a felon or have not been convicted in the last three years, and have right reasons to carry a concealed weapon or gun.


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