How To Establish a Safe Perimeter in Big Scale Events

Big sports events, concerts, conventions, and movie festivals are commonly held in large places where many people are allowed to enter to get fun and socialize. However, problems can happen, since others may not have friendly intentions


BlackWater Protection cares for the safety of Florida’s citizens during any event, and since terrorist attacks and venue shooting around the world have been rising, it is better if the general population knows some valuable tips about what a good event security must have.


  • The importance of a perimeter: watching who comes in or out of the venue helps to detect any suspicious individual around the place. Security personnel focuses on what anyone is carrying, checking for guns, knives, drugs, or other harmful or dangerous belongings a person may bring.
  • Working with local, state, or federal forces: some of the biggest events can be tough to secure, since a protection agency may lack enough resources for the safety of the attendants. That is why it is resourceful to work with other organizations, to prevent disasters from happening during these events. These forces can even protect VIP attendants, like a politician, a Pop or Rockstar, or any famous actor.
  • Technology is agencies’ best friend: Today’s world is full of technological innovations that every day surprises us. But threats are also evolving, so companies need to do it as well. Metal detectors, cameras, and high-tech credentials are some of the top technological advances that improve security in every aspect.
  • Make guests feel comfortable: not all the problems come from big threats like bombs or shootings. For example, some threats are only the result of someone’s anger after a being mistreated, and this is why it’s important to keep a look at how everyone is feeling during the event. It may not be possible not to miss every detail, but inaction can make things worse.


Blackwater Protection offers personalized security services for any event held in Florida. It also provides talks and information about how to handle certain situations carefully and what to bring to a public event. Please check their social media to get more information related to this topic.



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