How To Deal With Possible Extortionists

Have you ever watched those old Mafia movies from the ‘70s? If you paid attention to them, you could have noticed that many of the gangster bosses make a lot of money from a “protection racket, ” which is a type of business that criminal organizations use to demand money from smaller business or individuals in exchange for protection, from a real or imaginary threat. In the legal field, this type of felony is called “Extortion.”


According to Florida Statute 836.05, extortion is a crime act that is committed when a criminal threatens, injures, or disgraces someone to get money, any particular advantage, or to compel a person to do anything against his/her will. Moreover, with the advent of new technological advances, this crime has extended his range to a new type, called “cyberextortion.”


Like any other crime, victims face difficulty in dealing with this event when it happens. Blackwater Protection knows this, and it provides some tips to avoid and deal with it:


  • Do not handle the situation on your own: When a criminal is threatening you, your family, or your business, do not meet him/her personally. Attacking or talking back to the criminal can lead to bigger problems, like being harmed.
  • Talk to someone you trust: After being threatened, you may feel too hot-headed to handle the situation properly. Talk with someone you trust, like a relative or a reliable friend.
  • Report the crime to the police: Gather all the information you have about the extortion (emails, text messages, photos, letters, and videos) and take them to the nearest police station around you. Law enforcers are prepared to handle this kind of situations. However, remember that not bringing any or too little evidence, might not be enough for police officers to investigate your case since many extortion threats often turn to be only a joke or something entirely irrelevant.


Blackwater Protection are security firms that help people with this kind of situation, by offering advice when threatened. They give free personalized information related to extortions, like types of extortion, how to handle them, and more else. Contact them so you may receive information from a specialist:


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