Altered ATMs: How to Tell the Difference

Hackers are becoming a more dangerous to users on both internet and the world outside. Their methods have managed to take control of places you could never think would be affected. The worst part is that you can hardly tell if you’ve been compromised, as hackers carefully hide their electronics in artifacts you thought were safe.

ATMs’ skimmers are a type of fraud that’s been for a while now. You can see the comments on the internet reporting altered ATMs. Luckily for you, there are some signs of having in consideration to tell if the ATM  has been skimmed:

Off-color components: if you notice something odd in the machine, like some little detail that just doesn’t belong, the odds are that you found a skimming device.

Tampering signs: if an ATM device’s been skimmed, there will be some visible signs at the top of it, near the speakers, the side of the screen, the keyboard and the card reader.

Loose parts: ATMs are solidly constructed and excepting an old machine case, loose parts are unlikely. Move or pull the card reader and the keyboard of the device to look for parts that don’t belong.

Criminals often install ATMs on locations where they won’t be observed installing the hardware or collecting data. Banks are usually the safest option because of the cameras, but still, make sure you compare the ATMs just to stay out of risks.

If possible, never use your card’s magnetic stripe when performing transactions. Use the EMV chip instead; this forces the criminals to work harder and access the inner parts of EMV readers. These readers are the safest alternative compared to the delicate, easy to read magnetic stripes.

Don’t fully trust the ATMs. Check your accounts at all times and be on the lookout for possible frauds.  Banks immediately report unusual transactions to the holder, so make sure you respond in time. Blackwater Protection have the best tools to ensure you stay out of possible attacks to your assets and information. They’re responsible for the protection of their clients, so get in touch with them. Their contact information can be found below.


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