5 Guard Dogs for Your Protection

Dogs have been part of human life for many years now. The empathy dogs develop to their owners makes them hold the title of Man’s best friend. Dogs develop love and loyalty for their owners in a way no other animal can. There are many dog breeds for every single family, as they adapt quickly.

Guard dog breeds are different from all the others, as they are used to protect their owners from possible threats. Trained guard dogs can be very smart and know when to act in defense of their family. If you need some extra protection back home, it would be a perfect idea to get yourself a guard dog.

If you need help to choose which guard dog fits you better, choose from these five options:

1.- Doberman: Medium-sized and squarely built, this breed has stable characteristics and a compact body. These dogs are brilliant and energetic, suited for military & police work. The Doberman is very reserved with strangers but loyal to their owners.

2.- Giant Schnauzer: These dogs love the company and are very supportive with their owners. With continuous training, they can become the best protection for families. Compared to the standard Schnauzers, these are larger and stronger, making them perfect for protecting their owners.

3.- German Shepherd: Their work at the military and the police is the living proof of their capabilities. This breed is brilliant, and they’re extremely protective of their owners. German shepherds are one of the best choices for protection.

4.- Boxer: This breed is one of the strongest and also the kindest of the list. Their hearing is better than almost all dog breeds, and they are child-friendly. Their sense of protection is not that of a German shepherd, but they’re very obedient and strong-willed.

5.- Bullmastiff: The Bullmastiff breed is easily one of the best choices for protecting you and your family. They are very active, and their tracking skills are magnificent, which makes them an excellent choice for protecting houses from possible intruders. At first, they need a very specific training to learn the basic commands, but if you press on and teach them, you’ll have an accomplished guard dog.

Choosing the dog that fits you better shouldn’t be that difficult, as many breeds accommodate to your needs. There’s not a special guard dog, all of them have their pros and cons. Blackwater Protection are experts in this matter and all security-based subjects, get in touch with them to get the assistance of professionals.


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